Safer Futures

Safer Futures is a domestic violence shelter and resource center in Portage County.


of every dollar donated goes toward direct service.


people are served each year through our programs.


individuals volunteer every year.


Safer Futures is the only domestic violence shelter and resource center in Portage County.

Our services include:

  • Telephone Support Line: Domestic Violence Specialists are ready to answer your call 24/7 and can provide resources and referrals to those experiencing intimate partner violence or to those seeking information for a friend or loved one. All calls are confidential. The 24 hour hotline numbers are 330.673.2500 and 330.296.2100
  • Shelter and Resource Center: Provides a safe place for you and your children to stay while you create a plan with staff and learn about your options. The shelter is at an undisclosed location and provides a variety of services. A resident advocate will assist adults with case management in a variety of areas such as housing, employment and benefits. A child advocate will assist children with adjusting to shelter living, enrolling them in school and working with parents to identify and meet the needs of each individual child. There are also shelter specialists that provide services to residents 24/7. Safer Futures has been certified as a Safe Zone shelter and works closely with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network to provide trauma informed services and to maintain best practices standards.
  • Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders: A court order that requires an intimate partner to have zero contact with you, or other household members, for up to five years. You do not need an attorney to file or to have previously reported incidents or threats. To contact a Safer Futures Legal Advocate, please call 330.297.4285
  • Civil Anti-Stalking and Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Orders: A court order that requires anyone stalking you or anyone that has sexually assaulted you to have no contact with you. A legal advocate can assist you in determining if you situation meets the criteria. To contact a Safer Futures Legal Advocate, please call 330.297.4285


Our 24-hour hotlines are 330.673.2500 and 330.296.2100. Call us if you…

Have a friend in trouble

“My friend is always talking about how difficult her relationship is.”

“I know she is in trouble.”

Need to talk about your situation

“I know we fight a lot, but is this really an abusive relationship?”

“I am not quite ready for shelter, I just need to know my options.”

Need shelter and ready to make a change in your life

“I’m concerned about what a shelter has to offer me, what is it like?”


Abusers find many ways to maintain power and control in relationships. Abuse can include:

  • Hurt others physically or sexually
  • Yell, threaten, tantrum
  • Abuse children and pets
  • Threaten suicide
  • Place restrictions on money
  • Break things
  • Make unreasonable demands
  • Isolate their family from relatives and friends
  • Accuse loved ones of cheating on them
  • Apologize and make promises they don’t keep

Help us bring an end to family violence

  • Adopt Safer Futures as your church or community group’s cause
  • Invite us to speak to your club about family violence and services available
  • Select our program for your volunteer work or internship placement
  • Make a contribution of money or needed items
  • Becoming a Christmas Secret Shopper

Program Mission

To lessen the scope of domestic violence in Portage County as a link to shelter, support, legal advocacy and referrals.


P: 330.673.2500
P: 330.296.2100


F: 330.298.9180

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