Family & Community Services, Inc. is one of the largest nonprofit agencies in Northeast Ohio. F&CS has spent the past 75 years helping individuals of all ages; from providing life’s basic needs – food, clothing and shelter – to counseling and mentoring services. We are able to carry out our mission because of the network of volunteers and support from the community.

Last year we assisted over 100,000 people. Because of the generosity and commitment of our faithful supporters, we provided food for the hungry, clothes for those in need, shelter for the homeless, counseling for individuals and families, guidance for the young and encouragement for the downtrodden. Every day our 3,500 dedicated volunteers make it possible to respond to the increasing number of individuals and families who need us.

At F&CS, we’re never content to sit still. We provide more than 71 programs, in 21 counties and in two states – Ohio and Michigan. Simply put, where there’s a need, we look for a way to meet it.


Family & Community Services, Inc. seeks to strengthen, empower and enrich the lives of individuals and families through a broad continuum of services.


Family & Community Services, Inc. will effectively respond to community needs by advocating for social awareness and social action in four primary areas: Engaging and Empowering Communities; Strengthening and Supporting Individuals and Families; Focusing on the Futures of Children, Dependents and Youth; and Providing Tools for Healthier Lives. Action outcomes include striving towards achieving a high level of dignity and satisfaction for our clients, developing innovative partnerships, promoting volunteerism, and maintaining a strong financial position.

Mark Frisone

Executive Director

Greg Musci

Finance Director

Keith Fletcher

Human Resources Director

Jody Klase

Chief of Behavioral Health

Don Fenstermaker

IT Director

  • Jackie Parsons, President
  • Alice Hurd, Vice President
  • Paul Huchok, Treasurer
  • Debbie Mann, Secretary
  • Julie Beach
  • Rick Coe
  • George Garrison
  • Joe Giulitto
  • Fran Hardesty
  • Chuck Hauser
  • Aaron Heavner
  • Pat Kraninger
  • Shay Little, Ph.D.
  • Dan Rhodes
  • Marilyn Sessions
  • Mary Swift
  • Bill White