Ravenna Wins Annual Hunger Challenge

Family & Community Services, Inc.

Volunteers outside truck in Ravenna filled with donations for the hunger challenge.

Ravenna community members have won last month’s Hunger Challenge to raise funds for Kent Social Services in Kent and the Center of Hope in Ravenna. Kent Social Services received $17,485.00, while Ravenna community members were able to raise $20,138.58.

Together, Kent and Ravenna community members raised an impressive $37,623.58 for Kent Social Services and Center of Hope’s annual Hunger Challenge, the largest amount ever collected through the event. The money raised from this challenge help the organizations feed low-income residents of Portage County.

The success of this event is due in part to local philanthropists Hal Dubois, executive Director if the Dubois Family Foundation, and Neil Mann, CEO of Allen Aircraft Products, who have generously matched a portion of donations made through the Hunger Challenge.

“We are so grateful for the support we received through the Hunger Challenge. We would not be able to do what we do if it were not for the generosity of the community” said Marquice Seward, Program Manager of Kent Social Services.

Kent Social Services in Kent and Center of Hope in Ravenna are both food pantry programs of Family & Community Services. For more information on services or how to get involved, contact Marquice Seward at [email protected].