AxessPointe Community Health Centers and Family & Community Services, Inc. Announce Merger

Family & Community Services, Inc.

AxessPointe Community Health Centers and Family & Community Services are thrilled to announce their merger, forming a dynamic partnership that enhances access to comprehensive healthcare, behavioral healthcare, and social services across Summit, Portage, Trumbull, and Mahoning counties. Effective January 1, 2024, this strategic collaboration aligns the organizations’ missions to provide high-quality healthcare and community support, fostering healthier and stronger communities.

The merger brings together AxessPointe, a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides comprehensive primary care to 20,000 patients annually regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay, with Family & Community Services’, a social service organization that provides a wide range of community support programs that address homelessness and housing issues, transportation gaps, food insecurity, domestic violence, behavioral health and addiction, and gaps in care for youth, seniors, and veterans to over 200,000 individuals each year. Together, they will create a person-centered approach to health and well-being, ensuring that individuals receive the care they need, both medically and socially.

The expanded organization builds upon the existing infrastructure of both entities, incorporating best practices and innovative solutions to further strengthen the delivery of person-centered care. By integrating primary care, mental health support, substance abuse treatment, social services, and community outreach, the merged organization provides a continuum of care, addressing the interconnected aspects of each person’s social determinants of health.

The merger was made possible by the dedication and vision of the Board of Directors of both organizations, who worked together extensively over the past 18 months to deliberate and plan for the formal partnership. The newly merged board, comprised of members from each respective organization, will strive to formalize the new mission and vision of the merged entity. Staff of both AxessPointe and Family & Community Services also partnered to organize administrative functions and enhance the collaborative efforts between the two.

 “Our merger marks an important milestone in our commitment to improving healthcare access for underserved populations,” said Dr. Demond Scott, MD, Chief Medical Officer of AxessPointe Community Health Centers. “Through this collaboration, we are uniting our expertise and resources to create a more robust and integrated healthcare system that will positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals and families in our communities.”

“We are excited to formally join forces and advance our shared vision of comprehensive healthcare and community support,” added Mark Frisone, who is the Executive Director of the new organization. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of AxessPointe Community Health Centers for the past three years and Family & Community Services for the past thirty and has a solid understanding of the benefits of integrating care provided by both agencies. “By merging together, we will be better equipped to address the complex needs of our communities and provide them with the resources and services they require to thrive.”

AxessPointe and Family & Community Services are committed to a smooth and seamless transition for employees, stakeholders, and, most importantly, those served by each organization, throughout the merger process. Both organizations have a long, positive history of working together and this merger formalizes their partnership. After January 1, 2024, each organization will continue to operate with their own identities, branding, and online presence, with their official tagline: Partners in Community Care.

With this unique merger, the two organizations are poised to make a transformative impact on healthcare and community well-being across their service area, maximizing their impact on regional healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes, and addressing the diverse needs of the communities they serve. Together, they will forge new paths, create innovative solutions, and provide comprehensive care that empowers individuals and strengthens communities, improving health equity for all.

To learn more about each organization, visit and Or follow them on Facebook at @AxessPointe or @FCSserves. With a wide range of healthcare and social services, as well as employment, volunteer, and donation opportunities, there are a number of ways for the community to take part in this exciting new venture.