Leadership Portage County Group Improves Playrooms for Skeels and King Kennedy

Family & Community Services, Inc.

Children in two communities in Ravenna now have a fun and safe place to go for after-school activities and summer programs, thanks to the Leadership Portage County class. A new playroom was incorporated at King Kennedy Community Center, as well as renovations to an existing playroom at Skeels-Mathews Community Center.

The new playroom at King Kennedy provides a second playroom for the community center, which will help overcrowding problems that have occurred in the past. Before the addition, 60 to 75 children would be in the playroom at one time.

“We wanted to do something with children because children are going to be our future,” said Paul McEwuen, Leadership Portage County Class of ’18 member.


The renovations for the Skeels playroom were much needed – no improvements had been made since 2000.

“I’m so excited and overwhelmed at the same time,” said Sharon Sanders, director of Skeels-Mathews Community Center

The new and improved playrooms both received fresh coats of paint, consisting of light and neutral colors to help bring a calming effect on the children. Some other notable additions to the rooms were new flooring, games, bookshelves, and a TV. Both directors of the community centers are thrilled with the improvements.

“This is their place,” said Joyce Harris, director of King Kennedy Community Center. “Just to hear them — that’s going to be ringing in my ears for awhile.”


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